City of Austin Orders

The City of Austin and Travis County has extended the “Stay Home, Mask, and Otherwise Be Safe” Orders through December 15, 2020. Residents are to continue to practice social distancing, hygiene, and face-covering behaviors. In addition, gatherings up to 10 people should be avoided or minimized, and socializing in groups of 10+ individuals outside of the same household are prohibited. Read the full City of Austin and Travis County Orders.

NA meetings are considered to be essential activities by the city, and some meeting have chosen to reopen.  Please check the Online Meeting Schedule for the latest information.

For those NA members that elect not to attend meetings in person, it is vital to remember the importance of staying connected to each other and the fellowship.  There are many groups meeting online or by phone.  We also have our sponsors, support circles, and the fellowship of NA.  Stay safe, but Stay clean! Go here for a list of online & phone meetings.

Please follow local emergency restrictions, and consider both your safety and that of others when in social situations, including meetings.

Please contact the webmaster if you encounter closed or changed meetings that have not been reported so we can update the schedule. There are online meetings available for those who chose to stay at home.

The Area Service Meeting is expected to meet as an online/phone meeting until further notice. Information will be emailed to GSR's and available here. The Activities, H&I, and Policy Ad Hoc Subcommittee meetings are meeting online as well.

To view a list of closed meetings, please go to the Meeting Schedule page,  select the filter on the upper right under Formats and choose Temporarily Closed. This will bring up a full list of affected meetings, their addresses, as well as notes, if any. See example below.


Go here for a list of online meetings.

Please check the meeting schedule, for the latest closings. Many physical meetings are now closed, with the exceptions noted on the online schedule.

Go here for the latest listing of In-Person Meetings






H&I Meetings
H&I meeting may be affected as well. Please see your H&I Meeting Coordinator or contact the H&I Chairperson for information about a specific meeting.


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