Tradition Five of Narcotics Anonymous states that: Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or NA as a whole. One of the things this means is that different groups may have separate policies regarding masks, social distancing, passing of literature, etc. Some of these policies may also have been set by the meeting place and are therefore out of the control of the local NA group. If you have any questions, you may ask the chairperson before a meeting starts.

Please contact the webmaster if you encounter closed or changed meetings that have not been reported, so we can update the schedule. There are online meetings available for those who choose to stay at home.

H&I Meetings
H&I meetings may be affected as well. Please see your H&I Meeting Coordinator or contact the H&I Chairperson for information about a specific meeting.


Link to NA World Services statement on the Coronavirus
Link to NA World Services list of online meetings
Virtual service announcement
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